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Thank you for working with us to create such an impactful and engaging awareness campaign for Gaucher disease. Raising awareness about Gaucher disease, like all rare diseases, is a challenge. However, if by doing so we are able to help just one Canadian who is suffering from symptoms get assistance from the medical community it is all worthwhile.
The multichannel Gaucher disease program with Canadian Health and Family has created the opportunity to reach out to Canadians in a unique way and provide valuable information on Gaucher disease. You should know that the video was recently shown at the National Gaucher Foundation patient conference in Ottawa, and received great reviews from the patients, families, and healthcare providers in attendance.

Thanks again and I look forward to working with you on future projects.

Best Wishes,

Jim Baillie

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As a Brand Manager on Premium Cheese Portfolio at Parmalat, I could highly recommend the services of the Betterlivingtv group.
The group approached Parmalat with an idea of product placement in their show with celebrity chef, Laura Calder. I was impressed by the show format based on the idea of a credible expert sharing lifestyle tips and value added tips with consumers. The personality of celebrity chef and the show theme “French Twist” seem to be a great fit with the brand values.
I had a pleasant experience working with the group in preparing the script and producing several longer videos for the show for TV and shorter for the digital use. The team completed the project on time/budget and communication was excellent through the whole time.
The project proved to be a great way to introduce new recipes for our premium President Spreadable Cheese. It helped to generate general awareness for the brand which is likely translated into trial in key product seasonality periods. The project was also more cost-efficient vs our previous similar video projects as the quote included both the TV and digital media buy.

Thanks again for all of your great work.


Alex Bazhanov

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Dear CEG and Canadian Health and Family,

On behalf of Hologic, I wanted to say a huge thank you for executing on our project regarding Heavy Bleeding and completing the various online marketing and social media resources. Your team was timely, supportive, professional and a pleasure to work with. Dr. Singh was also a great leader for our program and women’s health in general.

Thanks again for all of your great work and we look forward to a continued future partnership.


Jay Malayny

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This is McCormick Canada’s third year working with CEG and though the past three years the integrated marketing campaigns provided have become a vital part of our marketing strategy. We had the pleasure of working with CEG on two In The Kitch segments this year and we were all delighted with the end result of both the video segments and digital campaign.

Both these projects were a huge success due to the great project management skills that everyone we worked with on the CEG team possessed. As well, the projects were a joy to work on because of the positive attitude that everyone brought to the table. The result was a marketing campaign that encompassed our brands core values and was both creative and informative for the consumer. As with all projects there were roadblocks through the process but the way in which they were handled to create effective solutions for the McCormick brands was fantastic. The overall experience was great and we even had some fun along the way but the key takeaway for us was that the finished product exceeded our original expectations.

Thank you for the great work on the latest projects and all those in the past. I look foward to working with the CEG team in the future.


Dave Holman

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I would like to thank you and the team at Consumer Education Group on our 2012 Canadian Better Living Campaign to promote our Angelcare product line of baby monitors.

The personal commitment from the whole team made this campaign a great success to Angelcare. It went beyond expectations and what was created is timeless and will be valuable to us for years to come. The whole team was creative, hardworking and extremely flexible to meet our fast evolving needs ( our shoot went several hours over schedule but was all worth it!).

Your enthusiasm and in-depth knowledge of who Angelcare is contributed to the campaign’s success. I appreciate the time you took to find a wonderful spokesperson on our behalf and I know our relationship will remain strong.

Thank you for making the entire process a lot of fun and I look forward to our next venture together!

Thank you and your team again for your dedication

Kind regards,

Robyn Fisher

Production Marketing Manager – ANGELCARE



 To whom it may concern,

CAA South Central Ontario (SCO) recently had the opportunity to work with Canadian Better Living (CBL) to shoot a segment for their Mom Squad television series. CBL provided a wonderful, comprehensive sponsorship package that combined general and targeted online elements with the television segment. The multifaceted package allowed us to create brand awareness, extending beyond our core, most-recognizable services and track an offer through a combination of channels providing us with data to consider for future promotions.

The team we worked with was extremely flexible and accessible. Once the scripts were approved, a shoot date was promptly scheduled and the day on-set went very smoothly. A beautiful set, professional production team and wonderful host made it a pleasure to shoot the Mom Squad interview. The team provided great direction, and offered recommendations for script inclusions, demonstrating that they were not only prepared but truly understood and cared about our product. CBL was also very accommodating when it came to the online elements; they provided an extra teaser video for promotion, allowed additional tracking to be put in place, and shifted air dates to better suit business goals. Open communication, along with easy-to-use file sharing websites, made it simple to review assets and provide feedback to the team.

The opportunity provided great exposure with minimal effort for my team, as CBL took care of the details, creative production, and copy, which only required initial input and approvals from CAA SCO.  We were extremely satisfied with the segments, the professionalism of the CBL team, as well as the production process. I would highly recommend this sponsorship package to any company looking for a straightforward and stress-free way to promote their products, services, or expertise to moms across Canada.



Laura Santlal

Director of Marketing,

Travel and Automotive

CAA South Central Ontario

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I wanted to thank you and the whole team on our recent Critical Illness Insurance campaign. From the project kick-off right, through to the final airings of our campaign elements, our experience was first class.

It was of particular importance to us that our spokesperson, Nancy Schafer, had the best possible opportunity to succeed given her relative lack of experience with broadcasting. The professionalism and patience of your crew ensured that Nacny was able to deliver an excellent segment.

I greatly appreciated the responsiveness, patience and flexibility of your team throughout the creative development process. You understood the unique challenges our organization faces and always found a way to make it work.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming campaigns we will be working on together.


Justin MacKinnon

Communications Advisor

Individual Insurance and Savings

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You and the others at CEG obviously put enormous effort into being very customer-focused, as I have been nothing but impressed at your responsiveness to my needs throughout our work on the production of the segment to air on the Canadian Better Living program. This dedication has led to an impressive segment – “Living with Type 2 Diabetes” -that sheds ight on the psycho-social challenges of living with diabetes as illustrated in the DAWN2™ data. This sensitive topic obviously required care to ensure the right note was hit with the audience, and I’m pleased to report that it has been an unqualified success. This initiative not only met its objective of creating awareneses of the issue in Canada, but is also being shared with all 17 countries who participated with the DAWN2™ study as a best-practice to implement locally in an effort to do the same.

I know that this success is due to your dedication to ensuring my objectives were met, and because all of the components were completed with high quality and on-time. For this, I am grateful. I also want to mention how appreciative I am of how you responded to my “extra” requests no matter how late I made them and how difficult they were to implement – you just made them happen.

It has been my pleasure to work with you, Suzy and Isabelle, and I look forward to our next project.

Best Regards,

Nora Madian

Associate Director, Patient Engagement

Novo Nordisk Canada Inc.