Preserving The Canadian Grasslands

Preserving The Canadian Grasslands

For hundreds of years, the Canadian grassland has been home to a cycle of harvest & restoration. Years ago, the bison would live, traverse, eat and thrive in the venerable Canadian grasslands; a true partnership of nature, and both animal & environment flourished.

In our modern life, this legacy lives on as our grasslands are home to our Canadian cattle. But there is a third partner in this contemporary ecosystem – and that’s us!

As Canadians are becoming increasingly aware & proactive regarding the environment, the precious sprawl that is our Canadian grasslands also require careful planning and initiatives towards it’s preservation.

It’s a huge task, and an even bigger responsibility… but thankfully those with mutual interest in the continued health of the Canadian grasslands are working together to ensure a bright and sustainable future.

Kevin Teneycke, the Manitoba Regional Vice President of the Nature Conservancy of Canada summarizes the collaborative effort as such: “The Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) is an organization of stakeholders that have a commitment to work in collaboration to improve the sustainability of the cattle industry in Canada”

Cherie Copithorne-Barnes 
Fourth Generation Rancher

Kevin Teneycke
Regional Vice President, Manitoba
Nature Consevancy Canada



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