Our Hosts Rick Campanelli and Stacey Englehart

Rick Campanelli

As one of Canada’s most recognized television personalities, Rick “The Temp” Campanelli connects with audiences across the country. From music lovers and sports fans to single guys and parents, Rick’s content and delivery is relatable to everyone. He’s known as “the nicest guy” on television and he lives up to that reputation both on and off screen…unless you ask his wife Angie. Kidding! Rick hosts events across the country and dedicates a large portion of his time to charity work with family-related organizations (like World Vision Canada, Sick Kids Hospital, RMHC Toronto/Hamilton and so on). He’s also a rare gem that truly never ages (neither physically nor mentally). He’s one of the first to be out on the street playing with the kids and never passes up a moment to explore somewhere new with his family.


Stacey Englehart

Getting her start in radio, just after broadcasting college (in the 90’s eek!)

After graduating Radio Broadcasting College in 1994, Stacey was hired as an on-air host at 95 CKNB in her hometown of Campbelllton, N.B. She filled many roles over the span of 10 years, including On Air Host, Program Director, Music Director, Creative Director and News Director.

In 2003, she moved to Kitchener, ON. to work as a news reporter and co-host a radio morning show, (CKWR 98.5, CHYM FM, 570News) within 2 years, fulfilling her dream of broadcasting to Canada’s largest city, Toronto, On., (Z103.5, Jewel 88.5) both as a host and award-winning news-reporter (RTNDA and 3 Gold Toronto Sun Readers’ Choice awards)

If the past 10 years spent getting up 3am wasn’t tough enough, Stacey also pursued her desire of becoming a TV host, starting out as a volunteer, (Rogers )she would eventually move on to Host countless TV shows and commercials on all major networks.

Stacey‘s made a name for herself as a successful TV/ Radio host & journalist, across Canada and the U.S.!

More widely known as the face of Brandpower, Stacey can be heard weekday mornings at 5:30am on Jewel 88.5 in Toronto.