Our Hosts Rick Campanelli and Angie Smith

Rick and Angie are a warm-hearted, family-oriented couple who are currently raising a toddler, a kindergarten student and a teenager….and they’re all boys! The entertaining duo bring a special charm to parenthood as they focus on traditional values like outdoor play, road trips, family meal time and routine. Their boys often challenge the rules, as do all kids, yet Rick and Angie manage to inject ample fun and a playful approach to their parenting. You’ll often find them all outside, running around in the rain, going for bike rides, hosting a neighbourhood BBQ and so on.

Rick Campanelli

As one of Canada’s most recognized television personalities, Rick “The Temp” Campanelli connects with audiences across the country. From music lovers and sports fans to single guys and parents, Rick’s content and delivery is relatable to everyone. He’s known as “the nicest guy” on television and he lives up to that reputation both on and off screen…unless you ask his wife Angie. Kidding! Rick hosts events across the country and dedicates a large portion of his time to charity work with family-related organizations (like World Vision Canada, Sick Kids Hospital, RMHC Toronto/Hamilton and so on). He’s also a rare gem that truly never ages (neither physically nor mentally). He’s one of the first to be out on the street playing with the kids and never passes up a moment to explore somewhere new with his family.


Angie Smith

Angie Smith

Angie Smith (Campanelli) is well-known for her work on social media, for running her family travel blog, and for her roles as TV Producer and on-air expert. She’s a college professor, TV/Film producer and a blogger, yet remains focused on her main role as “mom”. Angie leads the charge when it comes to their summer #CampCampanelli initiative, which encourages families to get outside and bring back the idea of a #playbourhood. The couple, of 10+ years, met on the glamorous set of Entertainment Tonight Canada and are now fully involved in their newly found suburban life (they moved from Toronto to Burlington, ON) and document their experiences on social media.